Little known town near Newark, New Jersey, is a small community and on its main street is Benjamin Landa’s Dog Grooming Service. Within this tight community, Landa’s grooming procedures have established a metaphor within the community called ‘Landa’s Fashion Statement’ (only for dogs of course).

Benjamin Landa’s procedures are simple, but rewarding. He first takes photos of your pet before the grooming begins. Then washes them in a proprietary cleansing bath designed to remove 99% of harmful or itching microbes and/ or insects that may be a potential threat or irritate your dog.

Next, in the summer, he lets them play in the sun and during the times when the temperature is not optimum for them to be outside, Landa places them in a room with just enough lighting that reflects the outdoors. Here the dogs dry off naturally as the natural light fans out on their coats.

There a host of additional services available. From pet sitting to pet photography. There will never be a dull moment for your ‘Fido’, ‘Lassie’ or ‘Baby’,

Neighbors flock to Landa’s Dog Grooming, as they can see how their pets enjoy their time there and with a pricing structure that’s fit for anyone.